Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Interviews...

Today I would like to highlight a couple of interviews I recently read and found very helpful.

The first interview is with N.T. Wright. He is an Anglican bishop and a leading New Testament scholar, as well as an author. His current release is a book entitled Simply Jesus, which I bought earlier this week and plan on reading very soon.

Click this link to read the unedited interview:

The second interview is with Scot McKnight. He is also a New Testament scholar who has written widely on the historical Jesus, Christian spirituality, and the emerging church. His current release is a book entitled The King Jesus Gospel.

Click this link to read the unedited interview:


  1. Interesting interviews. Of course not having read either book and/or followed either individual does not lend itself to any lengthy discussion on my part. However, I am ALL for keeping Jesus real, relational, and relevant to the world. I am all for a simply message which is displayed by my life as well as my words and one that shows that God's truth can and does make a difference. I don't like to use fancy words because the gospel isn't fancy.

    It looks like the two gentlemen appear to be trying to unravel the complexities of today's message and if that is the case - I'm in..!!

    1. I will share from Simply Jesus once I actually read it, but it looks to be very good.